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Lead Score Management

Improve Your Lead Management And Nurture Leads Through Personalized Leads.

Lead Management functionality empowers you to effectively handle your leads and optimize your marketing efforts.

Generate More Leads
With drag-and-drop form builder, you can effortlessly design and embed lead capture forms for your landing pages and website popups. No coding or design skills required. Say goodbye to hiring developers or designers!
Unlimited Lead Management
Import an unlimited number of contacts and effortlessly segment them into distinct audiences using intelligent filters. Manage all your contact lists conveniently from a centralized location. Moreover, seamlessly synchronize your leads with existing CRM platforms utilizing native connectors and integration tools.
In-Depth Lead Insights Utilize
built-in lead tracker to gain valuable insights into your prospects‘ activities. From their first website visit to their last engagement with your marketing channels, you can track and analyze every interaction. Benefit from integrated Lead Intelligence tools such as IP Locator, comprehensive analytics, and tracking tools.
Prioritize Valuable Leads
Make the most of the Lead Scoring feature to focus on your most promising leads. Set up parameters and labels to categorize leads based on their progress through your funnel and likelihood to convert. By prioritizing your hottest leads, you can enhance your effectiveness and achieve better results.
Streamline Meeting Scheduling
he meeting scheduler allows you to schedule appointments faster and eliminate the back-and-forth emails. Simply share a link that enables contacts to choose a convenient time. This feature seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar and is fully integrated with your marketing account.

Lead Score Management

Best Practices

Craft captivating subject lines that immediately capture recipients' interest, compelling them to open the email.
Ensure that your emails are concise, pertinent, easily digestible, and maintain a professional tone to enhance engagement.
Delve into the analysis of your email campaign data, deriving insights and lessons from the outcomes to enhance and optimize future campaigns.

Lead Management

Gain Insights Of Your Leads & Contacts Like Never Before

Lead Management functionality empowers you to effectively handle your leads and optimize your marketing efforts.

What Is Lead Management?

Lead management refers to the process of acquiring and effectively managing potential customers (leads) until they make a purchase. It involves qualifying, analyzing, and nurturing incoming leads. While it may seem straightforward, many organizations lack a formal lead management system.

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Why Is Lead Management Important?

Lead management helps sales companies determine the most effective strategies for generating and pursuing leads. By organizing, sorting, and scoring leads based on factors such as location, media channel, behavior, and engagement, businesses can stay in touch with leads and direct them to the appropriate marketing and sales professionals.

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Lead Management And Analytics

Lead management system enables you to sort and score leads based on various criteria such as location, media channel, behavior, and engagement. This allows you to effectively distribute leads and focus on those with a higher likelihood of converting.

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Premium Features

Lead Management Features Assist You In

Scoring Leads
Define the parameters of your ideal lead and establish a lead scoring method to identify leads with the highest likelihood of conversion. The scoring and grading rules help you achieve optimal results.
Segmenting your Customers
Create different audiences based on specific criteria, including actions such as watching a video, having specific tags, referral sources (e.g., Facebook, Google), and engagement levels (e.g., email opens, time since last interaction).
Lead Profiling
Monitor each lead’s interactions, from their first engagement to their most recent activities. Track list signups, conversions, send personalized emails, add to lists, unsubscribe, and more.
Utilize analytics to observe bounce rates, spam complaints, unsubscribes, and active contacts for each list. Set up goals to track conversions, funnel progress, visited pages, referral networks, duration on site, and specific events triggered (e.g., video watched, forms filled, links clicked).
Content Development
Develop and send automated messages (emails, SMS, web push) based on specific target information for your customers.
Premium Features

Major Steps Of Lead Management

Lead Capture Automation
Ensure every lead is automatically captured and fed into your CRM system from opt-in forms, popups, and landing pages. Prevent potential prospects from falling through the cracks.
Lead Tracking
Identify the sources of your leads and closely monitor their activities from initial contact to conversion. Track and record lead activity for analysis and optimization of marketing efforts.
Lead Distribution
Match leads with the sales agents who are most suitable to convert them into loyal customers. Automate the evaluation, qualification, and allocation of leads based on various characteristics and representative expertise.
Lead Qualification
Attract and focus on leads that are most likely to help you achieve your business goals. Qualified traffic and leads are more likely to take action and become customers. Implement lead qualification measures for an effective lead management process.
Lead Nurturing
Develop and maintain relationships with leads at every stage of their journey through marketing and communication messaging. Utilize automated lead nurturing to send messages triggered by customer behavior or predetermined schedules. Respond to customer inquiries and comments promptly.

Lead Management Features

Smart audiences
List management
Bulk import
Zapier connector
Salesforce connector
Hubspot connector
Zoho connector
Insightly connector
SyncSpider integration
KonnectzIT integration
Pabbly integration
Integrately integration
Elementor integration
FTP connector
Open API integration
Drag & drop form builder
Form embedding
Form API sync
GDPR compliance tool
Site popups
Opt-in landing page
Subscription redirects
Lead activity timeline
Inbox sync
Lead data fields consolidation
Lead scoring
Individual contact management
Direct messaging
Lead assignment
Contact tags
List analytics
Team notifications
Meeting scheduler
Suppression list
Webinar integrations
Profile export
Export contacts

Have A Question? Check These Answers.

Understanding how Lead Management operates and addressing common queries through this FAQ section can significantly enhance your grasp of this essential business practice. Let’s delve into the realm of Lead Management and clarify any inquiries you may have.

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You can add an unlimited number of contacts to your database.

Email campaigns ensure that emails are sent only once to the same contact. When importing a new list, automatically detects and imports duplicate contacts as a single user.

Absolutely! SEO Agencys allows you to create audiences by specifying conditions, so you can avoid sending campaigns to all contacts within a list. Say goodbye to the „one size fits all“ approach.

Yes, you have the option to receive email notifications whenever a new form submission occurs. You can choose to notify yourself or any member of your team.

Lead scoring enables marketers to define parameters and labels to categorize leads based on their progress through the sales funnel and likelihood to convert. SEO Agency uses your custom grading to automatically score leads, taking into account various activities such as email clicks, social media engagement, user metrics, and triggered popups.

Absolutely! You can utilize contact tags to classify leads and contacts into dynamic segments or audiences. This helps you better organize and manage your lists while reducing the required contact fields. For detailed information on creating segments based on tags and using them in automations, refer to our helpful documentation.

Yes, he offers a native integration with Zoom. Account owners can sync webinar registrants, including attendance activities, to turn event data into marketing data. Check out our documentation on how to integrate Zoom for more information.

Absolutely! he provides a native integration with GoToWebinar. You can capture leads who register to attend your GoToWebinar meetings. Explore our documentation on how to connect GoToWebinar with to learn more.

The automation feature seamlessly integrates with thousands of advanced marketing tools you may already be using. This includes popular content management systems like WordPress, leading ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify, and popular CRMs such as Salesforce. We believe that every marketing tool should be available to you, providing a comprehensive and connected marketing ecosystem.