Unlocking Enhanced WP Security: Your Shield Against Unwanted Intruders


Shield Your Website & Login Portal Before They Can Even Think of Breaching It



Immerse Yourself in Game-Changing Features

Experience the power of time-saving, stress-reducing features. We understand your busy schedule and your need for immediate results, which is precisely what WP Login Lockdown brings to the table.


Simplified Security for All

Configure just a few options, and let Login Lockdown safeguard all your managed websites from malicious actors.


Harness the Power of Cloud Blacklists

Effortlessly maintain blacklists and whitelists across all your websites with a single click.


Bulletproof Bot Protection

Thwart bots from infiltrating your login form or your entire website. Set up honeypots to outsmart these digital intruders.


Fortify Your Defenses with a Firewall

Enjoy lightweight, server-level protection against malicious requests, bad bots, automated attacks, spam, and an array of other threats.


Craft Your Unique Login Page

Choose from our selection of professionally designed templates or unleash your creativity to match your login page with your site’s aesthetic.


Secrecy at Its Finest: Editable Login URL

Keep your adversaries guessing by altering your login page’s URL, making it impervious to attacks.


Comprehensive Logging

Access a detailed list of users, complete with their IP addresses, locations, and other essential data, at your fingertips.


Centralized Command Center

Effortlessly oversee all your purchases, licenses, sites, and Cloud Blacklists from a unified location – the Dashboard. Streamline your workflow by managing all your client sites in one place.


Premium Support – Crafted by Developers

Rest easy knowing that our support is never outsourced. The majority of support tickets are handled by the very developers who created the plugin, ensuring you’re in capable hands.


Defend Your Login Portal

Join the ranks of over 100,000 users who have already shielded their websites with Login Lockdown.